Time tab­les

Start times and laps

Fri­day  — Short XCONC3

Satur­day — Short course/XCCNC4

Sun­day  — XCONC5

Ope­ning hours for the Secre­ta­riat

You col­lect your start num­ber from the Secre­ta­riat, which is located in the buil­ding on the are­na. The Secre­ta­riat is open:

To col­lect the start num­ber, you must have a valid licen­se for the cur­rent year, take your licen­se with you to the race.

Tra­i­ning times in the cour­se

The offi­ci­al tra­i­ning times might be adju­s­ted if the­re are delays in the race, lis­ten for mes­sa­ges from the speak­er. If riders are still com­pe­ting in the cour­se, you can’t tra­in in it yet.


Regu­la­tions for tra­i­ning on the cour­se:

  • Your start num­ber must be fixed to your bicy­cle when you tra­in during the offi­ci­al tra­i­ning peri­ods.
  • Tra­i­ning on a cour­se whi­le a race is under­way is not perm­it­ted; this applies regard­less of which cate­gory is cycling. Breach of this regu­la­tion might lead to disqua­li­fi­ca­tion. But you may for examp­le tra­in in seg­ments of the red cour­se that aren’t used in the blue cour­se whi­le a race is under­way in the blue cour­se.
  • All tra­i­ning during offi­ci­al tra­i­ning peri­ods shall be done in the direc­tion of the race.
  • It is not perm­it­ted to modi­fy the cour­se, for examp­le by moving a mar­ker or digging/moving parts of a built ele­ment. Breach of this regu­la­tion leads to the rider being exclu­ded from the cour­se and pos­sib­le disqua­li­fi­ca­tion.
  • Respect walk­ers.
  • All tra­i­ning is done at the rider’s own respon­s­i­bi­li­ty and risk.

Team mana­gers’ meeting

The­re is a Team Mana­gers’ meeting each day of the Fes­ti­val. The meetings are held in the same buil­ding as the Secre­ta­riat. 

Cal­ling to the start

On each day, riders are cal­led to assem­ble at the start no ear­li­er than 10 min­utes before the start. We give will give more preci­se infor­ma­tion at the team mana­gers’ meetings. Riders them­sel­ves are respon­s­ib­le to assem­ble at the start; if they arri­ve too late, they do not get the star­ting position cor­re­spon­ding to their start num­ber.