Out­come from Fri­day’s team mana­ger meeting and info for Satur­day

All three days were pre­sented. Cal­ling to start for Satur­day and Sun­day was announ­ced at 20 min­utes before the start in order to put up to 70 riders in position in time for the start. The audien­ce pro­po­sed to redu­ce the call out time due to the cold and to allow the first row of riders to get their position and then lea­ve to con­ti­nue warm up.

The pro­po­sal has been con­side­red. It’s cold and we’­ve look­ed at the size of the start fields and have redu­ced the call up time to 12 min­utes for the lar­gest start fields and 10 min­utes for the rest. For sim­pli­city we want only two alter­na­ti­ves alt­hough the smal­lest start fields can be positio­ned fas­ter than 10 min­utes. If you are not in place when your name is cal­led, you lose your position and have to stand at the back.

With this reduc­tion we will not allow any riders to lea­ve their positions to con­ti­nue their warm up.

Infor­ma­tion for Satur­day

Short cour­se / XCC (11 years and older)

Cal­ling out to start:

  • 12 min­utes before for M 13–14, M 15–16, M Eli­te. Please be ready and find your position quick­ly.
  • 10 min­utes before for the rest

None of the XCC cour­ses inclu­de A lines.

For riders 11–16 years old, remem­ber the rules for mini­mum bike weight, ask the com­mis­sa­i­res if you are unsure. Com­mis­sa­i­res will check a num­ber of riders eit­her before you start or after you’­ve finis­hed.
Use the weights to check that your bike is OK.

The­re have been some ques­tions about the cal­cu­la­tion of the total time for the sta­ge race. The results in the sta­ge race are a ran­king of riders’ total time. The bonus seconds from the XCC are deducted when cal­cu­la­ting the total time in the sta­ge race, and the­re­fore have no effect on the results for the indi­vi­du­al stage/race. The­re are bonus seconds for the first eight riders at each round and at the finish.

XCO / green cour­se (10 years and youn­ger)

Cal­ling out to the start for 10 years and youn­ger: 10 min­utes before

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