Tell me about the courses

All three courses pass by the arena many times per lap making them spectator friendly. As a rider you have multiple opportunities to catch glances of the riders you’re chasing – or the riders that are chasing you.

The short XCO race has a course with natural single-track, some gravel as well as technical elements. This will be a short, intense race with a lot of shoulder-to-shoulder challenges. There are several alternative lines and overtaking opportunities.

The Elite category has mass start and the riders race one lap. Expect a winning time for Elite men around 15 minutes.

The 15-16 and Junior categories get to try a new concept on Friday. We start the riders four at a time and they race one lap. Riders are assigned to quartets based on their rank and the best ranked quartet starts last. The fastest rider gets to rest in our finish line chair until a new rider beats her/his time.

The short circuit race has a fast-paced, technically easy course that alternates among fun single-track, easy elements and fine gravel stretches. Expect shoulder-to-shoulder challenges in this course! Here the winning time for Elite men and women is about 25 minutes.

For categories 15-16 and Junior there are “bonus seconds” for the first eight riders at each round and at the finish.

The cross-country Olympic race has several long stretches of natural single-track, shorter gravel stretches, technical elements with alternative lines, and many good overtaking opportunities. It’s a fun course to ride and a fun course for spectators. Expect a winning time of about 1 hour 15 minutes for Elite men.


This is a great race weekend that doesn’t totally drain you, so you can get back to training quite fast.

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