The tech­ni­cal ele­ments

Here you can see whe­re the dif­fe­rent cour­ses pass through the are­na:

Oran­ge: Not in use, Yel­low: XCC, Red: XCP and XCO 15 yrs and older, Blue: 11–14 yrs, Green: 10 yrs and youn­ger


All the tech­ni­cal ele­ments in the cour­se are on this list:

  1. Rem­oved
  2. Rem­oved
  3. XCO grønn kjø­rer uten­om Rock­gar­den / Green cour­se does­n’t use the Rock­gar­den
  4. Not used
  5. Drop zone” , dropp i tre stør­rel­ser / Area with three drops of dif­fe­rent sizes
  6. Tøm­mer­hop­pet” / The Tim­ber jump
  7. Kjer­ring­drop­pet” / The “Kjer­ring­dropp” drop
  8. Rem­oved
  9. Skil­eik­hop­pet” /  The “Ski Slo­pe jump”

Ele­ments that are out­side the abo­ve map:

  • The new Rid­ge decent (on the first half of the red cour­se)
  • Ungdomsdroppet/The Youth drop (right before the Rock Gar­den)
  • The Tor­jus cliff (ele­ment in the red cour­se, comes before the Drop Zone)

For each pic­tu­re the color of the text indi­ca­tes which cour­se inclu­des the ele­ment.

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