Regist­ra­tion for Kalas Rye Bike Fes­ti­val 2021 is now pos­sib­le at for all cate­go­ries from 6–16 years, Junior, Eli­te, and Mas­ters.

Link to regis­ter for Kalas Rye Ter­reng­syk­kel­fes­ti­val 2021

Ordi­na­ry regist­ra­tion is until 13th Sep­tem­ber 2021 23:59. Late regist­ra­tion will be pos­sib­le at a hig­her cost until 2 hours before the actu­al group starts and the rider might not be see­ded accor­ding to their rank. Exact details on this will be stated here.

Team tent 

Only those who have reserved a space may erect a tent in the are­na. Make sure that you secu­re your tent against wind over­night. Regist­ra­tion for team tent per day is here:

Regist­ra­tion is bin­ding and pay­ment is refun­ded only upon pre­sen­ta­tion of a doctor’s note that you are ill.

Con­tes­tant lists for Fri­day, Satur­day, Sun­day will be added.

Note that registe­red riders aged 6–10 years old auto­ma­ti­cal­ly take part in Rye Kalas Cup which in 2021 is com­bined with Kalas Rye Bike Fes­ti­val.