Ordi­na­ry regist­ra­tion is until 20th April 2020 23:59. Late regist­ra­tion will be pos­sib­le at a hig­her cost and the rider might not be see­ded accor­ding to their rank. Exact details on this will be stated here.

The regist­ra­tion site will open 2 mon­ths before the race and we will pro­vi­de the link here.

Regis­ter for the race here (EQTi­ming), use this link also for late regist­ra­tion. There’s an option to select Eng­lish lan­gua­ge in the regist­ra­tion tool.

If you are par­ti­ci­pa­ting in:

The 3‑day sta­ge race (S1 fo Eli­te), regis­ter for XCT, XCC, and XCO.

Only the UCI Junior XCO race, regis­ter for XCO.

The mini sta­ge race, regis­ter for XCC and XCO

We do not seed riders who regis­ter after the ordi­na­ry regist­ra­tion. The 3‑day sta­ge race starts with XCT so see­ding is not cri­ti­cal. To regis­ter late, use the link pro­vi­ded abo­ve or go to the Secre­ta­riat. The Secre­ta­riat has a ter­mi­nal for card pay­ments and also accepts Vipps.

Regist­ra­tion is bin­ding and pay­ment is refun­ded only upon pre­sen­ta­tion of a doctor’s note that you are ill.

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