Lang­set­løk­ka is in Kjels­ås in Oslo, in a resi­den­ti­al area with nar­row stre­etsWe wish to main­tain a good rela­tion­ship with the resi­dents; please respect them when you visit the area for ins­pec­tion and on the race week­end! 

A pro­gram for the day costs 50 kr, which you pay with Vipps (517840) when you park.  

Par­king on the road along the are­na is not pos­sib­le 

The road has recent­ly been upgra­ded with a sidew­alk and the­re is no lon­ger space for par­king here. 

Par­king lots bel­ow the are­na 

The­re is one lar­ge and one small low­er par­king lot, see the map. Use “Oset, Oslo” as the desti­na­tion in Goog­le Maps, or the address “Mid­todd­vei­en 34, 0494 Oslo” on GPS. Follow the main road Ring 3 towards Storo. Note that the exit Storo is com­plete­ly clo­sed for cars due to road work. You have to take the exit at Nyda­len (if you’re coming from the west) or Sin­sen (if you’re coming from the east). Follow signs towards Kjels­ås. The main stre­et Gref­sen­vei­en is clo­sed due to road work too. The­re are signs that guide you to the stre­et Kjels­ås­vei­en  inste­ad. Whe­re Kjels­ås­vei­en cros­ses the tram tra­cks, follow the tram tra­cks to the end sta­tion (about 100 m) and then conti­nue in the same direc­tion some hundred metersThe par­king area is then on the left. Park effi­ci­ent­ly so as many as pos­sib­le get a space.  

The road past the small par­king lot is pri­va­te and is a dead end. Dri­ving or par­king on this road is for­bid­den. Please respect the signs. 

Walking to the are­na from the low­er par­king lot 

Walk on the men­tio­ned pri­va­te road (red on map), it’s about 400 meters and takes about 6 min­utes (uphill). 

Lar­ge par­king lot abo­ve the are­na 

There’s a lar­ge par­king lot in the woo­ded area about 2 km abo­ve the are­na, this lot is named “Lin­de­rud­kol­len”. The­re are two small par­king lots on the side of the road to Lin­de­rud­kol­len as well. The map bel­ow shows whe­re to start dri­ving, then follow signs to “Lin­de­rud­kol­len”. The dri­ver should bring a bike for her/himself to bicy­cle the same way back to the par­king lot on the road lead­ing to the are­na. The return by bike takes about 10 min­utes and is most­ly down­hill. 

Have a lot to car­ry? 

If you have a tent, you’re allow­ed to dri­ve the road down to the are­na and unload it the­re and imme­dia­te­ly turn around to dri­ve away and find par­king. Be very care­ful when tur­ning around. To get to here from the low­er par­king lot use the address «Lach­manns vei 59» as the desti­na­tion in Goog­le Maps. 

Dri­ving to Lin­de­rud­kol­len to park? Drop off your riders and any other lug­ga­ge at our drop-point at the small, upp­er par­king lot. They can bring the lug­ga­ge down to the are­na whi­le you park. But bring a bike for yours­elf, it takes about 10 min­utes to bike back down from Lin­de­rud­kol­len par­king lot.