Langsetløkka is in Kjelsås in Oslo, in a residential area with narrow streetsWe wish to maintain a good relationship with the residents; please respect them when you visit the area for inspection and on the race weekend! 

Parking and program for one day costs 75 kr, for two days kr 150 and for all days kr 200, which you pay with Vipps (517840) when you park.  

Parking on the road along the arena is not possible 

The road has recently been upgraded with a sidewalk and there is no longer space for parking here. 

Parking lots below the arena 

There is one large and one small lower parking lot, see the map. Use “Oset, Oslo” as the destination in Google Maps, or the address “Midtoddveien 34, 0494 Oslo” on GPS.    

The road past the small parking lot is private and is a dead end. Driving or parking on this road is forbidden. Please respect the signs. 

Walking to the arena from the lower parking lot 

Walk on the mentioned private road (red on map), it’s about 400 meters and takes about 6 minutes (uphill). 

Large parking lot above the arena 

There’s a large parking lot in the wooded area about 2 km above the arena, this lot is named “Linderudkollen”. There are two small parking lots on the side of the road to Linderudkollen as well. The map below shows where to start driving, then follow signs to “Linderudkollen”. The driver should bring a bike for her/himself to bicycle the same way back to the parking lot on the road leading to the arena. The return by bike takes about 10 minutes and is mostly downhill. 

Have a lot to carry? 

If you have a tent, you’re allowed to drive the road down to the arena and unload it there and immediately turn around to drive away and find parking. Be very careful when turning around. To get to here from the lower parking lot use the address «Lachmanns vei 59» as the destination in Google Maps. 

Driving to Linderudkollen to park? Drop off your riders and any other luggage at our drop-point at the small, upper parking lot. They can bring the luggage down to the arena while you park. But bring a bike for yourself, it takes about 10 minutes to bike back down from Linderudkollen parking lot.