Use Goog­le Maps to see how the hotels are located in rela­tion to the are­na. Use “Oset, Oslo” as the are­na desti­na­tion in Goog­le Maps, or the address “Mid­todd­vei­en 34, 0494 Oslo”. One pos­si­bi­li­ty is

Thon Hotel Lin­ne

Address: Stats­råd Mathie­sens vei 12, 0598 Oslo.

Telep­hone: +47 23 17 00 00

E‑mail: (scroll down to the bott­om to switch to Eng­lish).

The hotel is located in a resi­den­ti­al area. It’s about 15 min/25 min by car/bike to the race are­na. From the hotel it’s about 500 m to the bus stop for the air­port coach and about 400 m to the sub­way.

Safe stora­ge of equip­ment. Evening buf­fet is offe­red. Par­king at the hotel for a fee. Free stre­et par­king and at a par­king lot about 300 m from the hotel.

Cam­ping cars

For par­king of cam­ping cars, please con­tact our par­king mana­ger.