Here you can see the start of the cour­se, the route through the are­na for the laps, and the finish, as well as the loca­tion of the most impor­tant points of the are­na.


Key to the map: 1. Unloa­ding zone, 2: Team tents, 3: Secre­ta­riat, team mana­gers’ meeting, two toi­l­ets, and anti-doping sta­tion, 4: Timing chip check­point, 5: Two toi­l­ets, 6: To areas for warm up, 7: Start field, 8: Start,
9: Finish, 10: Kiosk, 11: Awards podi­um, 12: Showers/one toi­l­et, 13: First aid sta­tion, 14: Bicy­cle wash,
15: Café tent, 16: Entry for ambu­lance