What’s Rye Bike Fes­ti­val?

Rye Moun­tain Bike Fes­ti­val is three days with MTB races in the fun ter­rain at Lang­set­løk­ka in Oslo.  Many Nor­we­gi­an riders con­si­der the­se cour­ses to be the most enjoya­b­le ones in the Nor­we­gi­an Cup. For the Eli­te cate­go­ri­es, the fes­ti­val is a three day sta­ge race. In 2017 the race is 5-7th of May and is an S1 sta­ge race. This is a great race week­end that doesn’t totally drain you, so you can get back to tra­i­ning qui­te fast.


Tell me about the sta­ges

How do I regis­ter and by when?

Regis­ter here. You’ll see the race named in Nor­we­gi­an: “Rye ter­reng­syk­kel­fes­ti­val”. On the regist­ra­tion form the cor­rect dates are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly tick­ed for you, but plea­se check. Notice that the Eli­te cate­gory is named dif­fe­rent­ly in Nor­way, you’ll see the cate­gory as Eli­te senior in the regist­ra­tion form. Ordi­na­ry regist­ra­tion is open until, and inclu­ding, 24th April 2017. Late regist­ra­tion is pos­sib­le for all cate­go­ri­es until 2 hours before start of your cate­gory at a hig­her cost, but riders who regis­ter after the ordi­na­ry regist­ra­tion are not see­ded for the fir­st sta­ge (a time trial). To regis­ter late, use the link pro­vi­ded abo­ve or go to the Secre­ta­riat on the are­na. The Secre­ta­riat has a ter­mi­nal for card pay­ments.

Whe­re can I find infor­ma­tion?

You’ll find all neces­sa­ry infor­ma­tion about the race in the invi­ta­tion. We keep the invi­ta­tion updated, so it is THE source for infor­ma­tion. If you need more infor­ma­tion, con­tact the race mana­ger (the email address is in the invi­ta­tion).

Think about it — three Scan­di­na­vi­an cate­gory 1 races in one go!

  1. Start in Fiskum, Nor­way,  for the C1 race Fiskum­rit­tet on 30. April 2017. This race is part of the Nor­dic Cup.
  2. Dri­ve to Oslo (60 min­utes) to pre­pa­re for Rye Bike Fes­ti­val 5 days later. 
    1. Tra­in on great sing­le tra­cks and an abun­dan­ce of gra­vel roads in the fan­ta­s­tic woods sur­round­ing Oslo. MTB map has very good cover­age of the trails in Oslo.
    2. Race in the S1 sta­ge race Rye Bike Fes­ti­val 5–7.May.
    3. Wind down after the fes­ti­val with varied tra­i­ning in Oslo and per­haps some sight­see­ing in Norway’s capi­tal.
  3. Dri­ve to Sweden and Vår­går­da for the C1 race week­end the­re 13-14th of May (about 3 hours). This race is part of the Nor­dic Cup.

The­re you go — three opport­u­nities to earn UCI points in Scan­di­na­via in just 16 days!

Can I sur­vi­ve in Nor­way wit­hout speak­ing Nor­we­gi­an?

Yes! Eve­ryo­ne here speaks Eng­lish. Nor­way never dub­bed for­eign movies, so we’ve been expo­sed to a lot of Eng­lish.

Get­ting to Oslo and away

By air — Fly in to Oslo air­port. It’s out­si­de Oslo, in the town Gar­der­moen. Effi­ci­ent pub­lic trans­por­ta­tion runs direct­ly from the air­port in to the city (tra­in and bus) and takes about 35 min­utes.

By tra­in — Arri­ve at Oslo Cen­tral Sta­tion. From the­re you’ll find pub­lic trans­por­ta­tion, or a taxi, to your accom­mo­da­tion.

By car — The­re are seve­r­al routes to Oslo, most inclu­de a ferry eit­her from Ger­ma­ny or Den­mark. Use a rou­te plan­ner to pick the rou­te that’s best for you. Tip: If you dri­ve via Rostock and take the over­night ferry (Ste­na lines, Direct ferry, TT line) to Trelle­borg in Sweden, you can tra­vel whi­le you sle­ep.

Get­ting around Oslo

Oslo is a compact city and is sur­round­ed by woods and the fjord. You can bicy­cle from the King’s palace in down­town Oslo and to the are­na of our fes­ti­val in about 35 min­utes. Pub­lic trans­por­ta­tion is effi­ci­ent, see https://ruter.no/en/ for infor­ma­tion.



Booking.com, Hotels.com, and AirBnB are your fri­ends. We’ve listed some of the close­st hotel options in the invi­ta­tion. Prices can vary depen­ding on hotel cam­paigns, note that the prices are dif­fe­rent on week­days and week­ends. Use Goog­le Maps to find out how far away the hotels/apartments are from the are­na, use “Oset, Oslo” as the are­na desti­na­tion in Goog­le Maps, or the address “Mid­todd­vei­en 34, 0494 Oslo”.