Who will be batt­ling for the win in Rye Bike Fes­ti­val S1 sta­ge race?

In Men Eli­te we so far have 20 inter­na­tio­nal riders, from 10 countries. David Rosa from Por­tu­gal is the hig­hest ran­ked, David Fla­ten from USA has tra­velled the furt­hest, and Ger­ma­ny is the visi­ting coun­try with most par­ti­ci­pants. We’re look­ing for­ward to see the out­come!


In Women Eli­te, Alex­andra Engen from Sweden is the hig­hest ran­ked, with last year’s win­ner Eli­sa­beth Sveum from Nor­way and Joana Mon­teiro from Por­tu­gal as the next hig­hest ran­ked ladi­es. We might even see Gunn Rita Dah­le Fle­sjå at the start, which will defi­nite­ly impact the batt­le!

Want to join the fun and race the S1 sta­ge race in Rye Bike Fes­ti­val too? Regis­ter at https://rittresultater.no/en/n239p. After 24 April 23:59 the star­ting fee increases, but you can regis­ter until 2 hours before the race.

Click here for a list of the bigge­st favou­ri­tes.

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