Tell me about the sta­ges

The time tri­al sta­ge has a short cour­se (5–6 min­utes) that rew­ards swift riders that have good tech­ni­cal skills. Here you have the opport­u­ni­ty to give it all you have in your fight against the clock. The results from this sta­ge deter­mine your star­ting position for the short cir­cuit sta­ge.


The short cir­cuit sta­ge uses a fast-paced, tech­ni­cal­ly easy cour­se that alter­na­tes among fun sing­le-tra­ck, easy ele­ments and fine gra­vel stret­ch­es. Expect shoul­der-to-shoul­der chal­len­ges in this cour­se! The­re are “bonus seconds” for the first eight riders at each round and at the finish. The bonus seconds are desig­ned to give the short cir­cuit sta­ge more “weight” in the total sta­ge race time so that the XCO sta­ge doesn’t domi­na­te com­plete­ly. Here the win­ning time for men is about 25 min­utes.

The cross-coun­try Olym­pic sta­ge has seve­r­al long stret­ch­es of natu­ral sing­le-tra­ck, shor­ter gra­vel stret­ch­es, tech­ni­cal ele­ments with alter­na­ti­ve lines, and many good over­ta­king opport­u­nities. It’s a fun cour­se to ride and a fun cour­se for specta­tors becau­se the riders pass the are­na many times per lap. Expect a win­ning time of about 1 hour 15 min­utes for men.


This is a great race week­end that doesn’t totally drain you, so you can get back to tra­i­ning qui­te fast.

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