I look for­ward to impress the audien­ce

Kalas Rye Bike­fes­ti­val cele­brate 5 years this year! We hope to achie­ve an even more success­ful fes­ti­val than last year, which was our all-time high with 1200 moun­tain bikers from nine dif­fe­rent nations. Not to men­tion, seve­r­al bikers with a high ran­king in the UCI points com­pe­tition. Petter Fager­haug from Nor­way has par­ti­ci­pa­ted four times ear­li­er and looks for­ward to par­ti­ci­pa­ting again this year.

-I look for­ward to impress the audien­ce, says Petter Fager­haug. Foto: EGO Pro­mo­tion.

Name: Petter Fager­haug

Age: 21

Class: Senior

Cycle club: Coren­don-Cir­cus/­Lil­le­ham­mer CK

Num­ber of times par­ti­ci­pa­ted in Kalas Rye Bike­fes­ti­val: 4

Ear­li­er wins: U23 World Cup over­all vic­tory 2018, Par­ti­ci­pa­ting in Nis­san Cup Lang­set­løk­ka 2008

What do you espec­ial­ly like about Kalas Rye Bike­fes­ti­val?

-Epic paths, a lot of par­ti­ci­pants and happy faces in eve­ry age. Good com­pe­ten­ce and exper­ti­se in the com­pe­tition and deli­cious cakes in the kiosk.

What part of the tra­ck do you enjoy the most?

-The rough down­hill towards the sta­di­um, just before the finish. It’s fun when you find the flow and at the same time I can try to impress the audien­ce. I always am a bit abo­ve limit down the­re to show off a bit. But it’s just a ques­tion of time before I will tas­te the gra­vel.

When did you start your acti­ve moun­tain biking care­er and what was it that made you try it out?

-My first com­pe­tition was in 2007 or 2008 at Lang­set­løk­ka. Around the same time I star­ted bike­tra­i­ning, and found it very exci­ting. That same autumn I par­ti­ci­pa­ted in my first Nis­san Cup. I had a great time buil­ding jumps in the tren­ches at home. I also rea­lized that a woman raced over roots and sto­nes in the forest. –It seemed cool, I thought.  In later years, it has been a plea­sure to get to know Gunn-Rita Dah­le , which was one of the rea­sons I star­ted biking.

What is your most impor­tant goal for the sea­son 2019?

-Enjoy the paths and test out inter­e­s­ting tra­i­ning met­hods for devel­o­ping as a biker is my main rea­son for con­ti­nuing to bike. To keep having fun on the paths and being a bit crazy when pul­ling through with prac­tice are impor­tant goals.

Which per­son would you like to chal­len­ge to race at the Kalas Rye Bike­fes­ti­val this year? Why?

-My coach, Lars Stens­løk­ken. He real­ly needs some moti­va­tion for cycling. Lars has bikers to follow up during Kalas Rye Bike­fes­ti­val, but in the tem­po race on Fri­day, he has no excu­se for not par­ti­ci­pa­ting. If Lars joins the tem­po­race and is less than two min­utes behind me, I will per­so­nal­ly wash his bike for him.

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