Changes to start time XCC and XCO!

As com­mu­ni­cated in the team meeting on Fri­day, we have made changes to the star­ting time for some of the womens’ cate­go­ri­es on Satur­day and on Sun­day and this has effect on other cate­go­ri­es. Plea­se study the new time tab­les under the menu option “Tid­pla­ner”, and notice when your new start time is.

Changes to satur­day — XCC — short cour­se

1. We have made a sepa­ra­te start for women 11–12 years. Ori­gi­nal­ly they were to start together with men 11–12. With so many registe­red riders we needed to divi­de them up. Women 11–12 start at 09:40, as ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned, and men 11–12 start at 09:57. All cate­go­ri­es the­re­af­ter also start 17 min­utes later than stated in the invi­ta­tion.

2. We have changed the start for the Women Junior, they now start 1 min­ute after the Eli­te women. This chan­ge does not have effect on the later cate­go­ri­es.





Changes to sun­day — XCO

We have changed the start for the Women Junior, Women 15–16, and Women Mas­ters. They now start 3 min­utes after the Eli­te women. The­se are the last cate­go­ri­es of the day.

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