Ame­ri­can David loves Rye bike­fes­ti­val

Ame­ri­can David loves Rye bike­fes­ti­val

For the second time David Fla­ten (24) came all the way from Dela­wa­re, USA, to com­pe­te in Rye bike­fes­ti­val. – Eve­ryone I’ve met in Nor­way is so fri­end­ly, and the cour­ses are real­ly good, he says.

How did you end up going to Nor­way to race?

My great grand­pa­rents are Nor­we­gi­an. I thought it would be fun to expe­ri­en­ce a race in the coun­try of my ancest­ors. In 2015 I look­ed up all UCI-races and found Rye bike­fes­ti­val. I atten­ded and had pret­ty good success. I enjoy­ed the cour­ses a lot – and also the hos­pi­ta­li­ty and fri­end­li­ness of the Nor­we­gi­an peop­le. That made me want to go back to race again – so here I am!

Tell us about the first two races in the bike­fes­ti­val this week­end – are you satis­fied with your com­ple­tion?

I had a hard time at the race yester­day. I’ve had litt­le tra­i­ning this win­ter, and I had to pay for my lack of tra­i­ning today. But the moti­va­tion is the­re, and I’m deter­mined to work hard and attend races also the next years.

How are the cour­ses in Lang­set­løk­ka com­pared to the cour­ses back home?

I do a lot of my tra­i­ning in Vir­gi­nia. The natu­re and the trails the­re are much like the natu­re here in Oslo. Most races I attend are in the west of the US, whe­re the trails are dusty and the­re are less rocks. I pre­fer trails like the ones in Vir­gi­nia and here in Lang­set­løk­ka.

Do we see you at futu­re Rye bike­fes­ti­vals?

I will tell eve­ryone about how great it is to race in Nor­way, and I real­ly hope to come back!







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